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The warranty period starts from the delivery date of the product and is 3 years.

In case the product is found to be defective, the consumer, in Article 11 of the Law No. 6502 on the Protection of the Consumer; He can use one of his rights to renege on the contract, to request a discount from the sales price, to request free repair, to request that the sold item be replaced with a non-defective one.

If the consumer chooses the right to free repair from these rights, the seller; It is obliged to make or have the goods repaired without any charge under any other name, such as labor cost, replacement part cost or any other name. The consumer can also use the right of free repair against the manufacturer or importer. The seller, the manufacturer and the importer are jointly responsible for the use of this right by the consumer.

If the consumer uses his right to free repair, the goods; In cases where it fails again within the warranty period, the maximum time required for repair is exceeded, and it is determined by a report by the authorized service station, the seller, the manufacturer or the importer that the repair is not possible; The consumer may request from the seller a refund of the price of the goods, a reduction in the rate of defects or, if possible, replacement of the goods with a non-defective one. The seller cannot refuse the consumer's request. If this request is not fulfilled, the seller, the manufacturer and the importer are jointly and severally liable.

The maximum repair time of the product is 20 working days. This period starts from the date of notification of the defect related to the goods to the authorized service station or the seller within the warranty period, and from the date of delivery of the goods to the authorized service station outside the warranty period. If the defect of the goods cannot be fixed within 10 working days, the manufacturer or the importer; Until the repair of the good is completed, he has to allocate another good with similar characteristics to the use of the consumer. In case of malfunction of the product within the warranty period, the time spent in the repair is added to the warranty period.

Defects arising from the use of the product contrary to the items in the user manual are not covered by the warranty.

The consumer may apply to the Consumer Arbitration Committee or the Consumer Court in the place of residence or the consumer transaction, in case of disputes that may arise regarding the use of his rights arising from the warranty.

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