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Alpin Hyper Converged Infrastructure


خادم وخادم ألبين 


Alpin secures customer’s business continuity by providing an infrastructure (HCI) to run the important-critical applications with maximum performance and runtime.

  • more IT efficiency from automated infrastructure management

  • More faster new VM deployments deliver enhanced productivity​

  • Added reliability with more less unplanned downtime and  high availability​

Modernize IT , make simpler your business and lower risk with Alpin more cheaper solution than big brand

Alpin converges compute, storage, networking, virtualization software, and management into a single (HCI) platform. It replaces intricate and expensive legacy data center infrastructure consisting of servers, compute and storage networks, and network storage. Alpin HCI Appliance (HCA) eliminates common obstacles associated with legacy infrastructure: complicated management and high costs

  • Accelerate innovation and data center modernization across the core, edge and cloud

  • Modernize the data center with Alpin HCI

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