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Thanks to its Intel chipset, the in-vehicle computing unit supports Intel Xeon or Intel Core processor series with 32 GB DDR4 memory. It includes common computer I/Os such as Ethernet, USB3.0 and serial ports. In addition to the PCIe x16 slot for the GPU, it has two PCIe x8 slots for adding high-bandwidth, high-performance expansion cards to the system for operations such as data acquisition, data analysis or communication.

Alpin Computing Edge AI Platform (In-Vehicle Computing Unit)
It is one of the first industrial-grade in-vehicle GPU computing platforms to support premium graphics cards. It is designed to support high-performance GPU-accelerated applications such as VR, autonomous driving, and CUDA calculations with an NVIDIA® GPU.

Alpin Computing  Edge AI Platform

Supports Intel® Xeon® or Intel Core™ processors.
Supports NVIDIA® GPU (up to 250W TDP).
It has a patented thermal design for durable operation in the range of -25 °C / 60 °C.
There are two PCIe x8 Gen3 slots for add-on cards.
There are three 2.5″ SATA hard disk drives with RAID 0/1/5 support.
There are easy-swappable trays for HDD replacement.
It has automatic temperature detection and fan control.

Alpin Computing Edge AI Platform 2-.jpg
Alpin Computing Edge AI Platform 1.jpg

Technicial Specifications

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