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Alpin SSD Pro 4TB

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Fast File Copy

​With its high performance writing speed, it allows you to copy your files in the desktop and folder area to the storage area in a short time. You can perform file transfer and saving operations without any freezing or stuttering problems.


Offering High Security

​It offers superior durability against external impacts with its partless exterior design and solid state. Thanks to its design that is not affected by external factors, you can safely store your data and files for a long time.

Quick Access to Files

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​With its high performance reading speed, it allows you to view your desktop and folder files in the fastest way possible. You can view the contents of the files you have saved in the storage area without waiting for a long time.

Ideal Storage Capacity


owns  It offers the ideal copy space with its storage capacity. In the storage area, you can archive and store your work, music, application, game, movie or video content under high security conditions that do not fit on your PC.


Long-lasting Use Advantage

Archive Viewing Possibility


​It offers the advantages of durability and long-lasting use at the same time with its part-free model and solid-state outer case and design that protects its internal parts. By taking advantage of the minimal design and durability advantages, you can carry it anywhere you want in your bag without fear of breakage.

It allows you to store files in folders and within the scope of title naming in its storage space. You can view the files you have copied in an organized order at the same time through the archive list.

Technicial Specifications

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