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Alpin SVR-207 CPU Server

Alpin HPC Server supports 10 GPU cards. It provides high performance parallel computing capability. Alpin HPC Server is used for big data analysis, 3D graphics applications, video decoding, scientific computing, etc. suitable for applications.

Flexible Platform Compatibility

Alpin HPC Server is compatible with EEB/CEB/ATX motherboard variants and can be customized to meet different applications.
Supports 4 x 3.5" and 4 x 2.5" hot swappable hard drives in the chassis. It optionally provides SAS and RAID card data protection support to users.

Alpin HPC Server
Alpin HPC Server / Alpin HPC Sunucu

Excellent Heat Dissipation Control

The design of the front GPU baffle allows the GPU to breathe lower temperature air with its independent cooling channel. Fans allow the server to work comfortably by giving the air flow inside and outside the case. 

Performanslı GPU Desteği 

Alpin HPC sistemi, 10 adede kadar GPU kartını destekler. NVIDIA GTX ve RTX serileri ile de uyumludur. 

Technicial Specifications

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