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Ultra High Computing Power

Alpin Server, Intel® Xeon® first, second and third generation supports scalable serial processors, 2 high-power GPUs, and the motherboard has 2 native  M.2 interfaces that can achieve ultra-high computing power. Core, frequency, cache and interconnect channels have been extensively improved. Alpin DDR4 memory technology is adopted. It supports 12TB memory expansion capacity and can be optionally expanded to meet ultra-high computing power such as digital currency, cloud computing, big data and virtual computing.


Modular Design and Maximum Security

Alpin Hard drives, power supplies and fans are completely modular in design. The PCIe location can be replaced with the drive bay. PCIe slot can be replaced with 4 x 3.5" and 4 x 2.5" hard drives or 8 x 2.5" hard drives;

The entire machine has undergone rigorous testing to ensure compatibility, reliability and stability, and improved performance.


Excellent Storage and Capabilities

Alpin Rackmount server supports   4/8/10/12/24/25/36-bay and 32 DIMM memory slots.

 36x3.5" or 36x2.5” HDD compatible hot-swappable hard drives. Provides users with large data storage capacity and excellent expansion. Supports 7 full-height and full-length PCIe cards.


AI Remote Management

With the HTML5 IPMI remote management system, you can manage your servers from wherever and whenever you want. You can easily monitor the system's remote switching on and off, the fan and power supplies, and the operation of all other devices on the server, and the failure conditions through the remote management system via the graphical interface.

Technicial Specifications

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