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Alpin 2U AMD Server

Ultra High Computing Power

Large Storage and Excellent Capabilities

Supports AMD Rome EPYC 7002 processor, 12/Gb SAS backplane and dual high-power GPUs.
Native NVMe drive meets the requirements of high computing applications such as IPFS, data currency, cloud computing, big data and virtual computing.

Up to 32 DIMM memory slots with 4 slots (8/12/24/36).
Supports up to 12 3.5”/2.5" SAS/SATA3.0 hot-swappable hard drives. Provides users with large data storage capacity and excellent expansion. There are 11  PCIe expansion slots, including OCP3.0 network card .

Modular Design, Safe and Stable

Hard drives, power supplies and fans are fully modular in design. The PCIe location can be replaced with the drive bay. PCIe slot can be replaced with 4x3.5" and 4x2.5" hard drive or 8x2.5" hard drive;
The entire machine has passed rigorous testing to ensure compatibility and reliability.

Remote Management

With the HTML5 IPMI remote management system, you can manage your servers from anywhere and anytime.
Turning the system on and off remotely, monitoring the health status of fans and power supplies and all other devices on the server.
Thanks to the remote management system, you can easily monitor it via the graphical interface.

Technicial Specifications

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